who’s your daddy, and did i eat the remote?

last night has been reduced to a confusing blur. somewhere in the fog i baked a batch of cookies and consumed an entire small pizza from cambridgepizza.com. i opted to watch the game/debate in solitude so as to not subject any of my friends to my siezure-inducing flipping back and forth, peppered with outbursts like “c’mon Petey,” “is Bush medicated?,” “shut up, McCarver!” and “get to the point already, JK!”

It all comes back to me with this tidbit from today’s Globe: “Red Sox stat guru Bill James of Lawrence, Kan., has exhaustive data that proves that Martinez loses effectiveness after pitch No. 105. There were reports of exploding silos in Lawrence when Martinez’s 106th pitch was crushed by veteran John Olerud for a two-run homer.”

and this from the Washington Post: “Bush seems to have been taken apart and put back together again after each debate, reassembled according to estimates of how he’d done. Last night it looked as though his handlers had told him to smile, smile, smile, especially when Kerry was trying to make points, points, points. “

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