You can’t start a fire without a spark

Bright stage, dark park, summer jamsIt hit me that I was actually going to a Justin Timberlake concert when I started to get dressed for the evening. I found myself going just beyond my usual Saturday night routine: a bit more sparkle, maybe a touch more eye makeup. Who knows why; it’s not like I’d never been to a show before, but this—the blockbuster, Legends of Summer tour co-headlined with Jay-Z—I knew this was different from my usual jaunt to a grimy club where the patrons self-consciously sip their beers and shuffle to the music of a semi-obscure band.

Despite common sense telling me I would be far from the stage in Fenway Park’s right field stands, among tens of thousands of screaming fans, perhaps I held a sliver of hope that I would have my own Courtney Cox-Bruce Springsteen moment.

dancinAs I approached the park, I could tell I wasn’t alone. I saw fashion choices of all stripes: skin-tone lace booty shorts, striped crop tops, very short cocktail dresses. I saw platform heels that would be regrettable on the Fenway steps during a ball game, never mind a night-time concert after a few beers. Same goes for sunglasses, inexplicably still worn long after the sun disappeared.

I would judge, but really, these girls were just like me, dressed for a summer Saturday night. I even made my own faux pas, wearing my cutest strappy sandals without giving a thought to the inevitable beer spills that happen when the Too Young drink Too Much and then get Very Excited. Oh well, the show was great, the crowd was reasonably well behaved, and I was pleased with my choice of a chartreuse tank top, even if I was just dancing in the dark.

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