you look so cute with your cans on

LBC and I were driving through Cambridge one day when we passed your garden variety indie rock guy, sporting gigantic, hi-fi headphones, which we assumed were plugged into his iPod.
“What’s your opinion of full-sized headphones?” asked LBC as we watched Indie Rock Guy amble down the sidewalk.
I was diplomatic. “Well, if you care a lot about sound quality…” I trailed off, aware that my own Sennheiser ear buds more than adequately met my high standards. “Plus, they’re noise blocking.”
“I guess,” said LBC. The disdain in her voice indicated that perhaps she thought Indie Rock Guy looked stupid.

Today, as my Green Line train pulled into a station, I spotted a nun on the platform; she was unmistakably wearing huge cans, placed neatly over her veil. We got off at the same stop, and I was behind her as we exited down the stairs. From my own iPod, I listened to Dick Dale’s version of “Hava Nagila,” and I wondered what she was listening to. I stifled a small giggle.

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