My work in journalism, product, and advertising, as well as experience in both non-profit and financial sectors, has led me to acquire a diverse skill set, including:

  • Content strategy
  • UX writing
  • Product marketing
  • Email engagement strategy
  • User research
  • Search engine optimization
  • In-depth topic research

Other specialties:

  • Content inventories and audits
  • Chatbot and voice assistant architecture
  • Copy editing
  • Compliance coordination
  • Interactive exhibit and kiosk directionals
  • Electronic signage
  • Short- and long-length features

Places where my work has appeared:

  • Google Career Certificates on Coursera
  • Eaton Vance websites
  • Google Assistant
  • TripAdvisor, FlipKey, and Holiday Lettings websites
  • Boston Phoenix and
  • FRONTLINE website
  • Sparks!, the Museum of Science member magazine
  • Museum of Science website
  • Fidelity Investments website
  • The Tufts Daily
  • Arts Around Boston magazine